About Us

Our existence is a direct result and belief that organisations needs better leaders, personalised strategies and a culture that shapes how people work in organisation. We are focused on how these three elements in a changing world of work will continue to shape organisational performance.

Ours is to disrupt the current industry and create thought leaders and futurists. In creating better leaders we seek to change the way organisations are led and how people desire to be led in the ever-changing environment.

Through our engagements whether in facilitation workshops or consulting work we seek to change the culture in how we work and perform at Alpha plus x. Strategies in organisations ought to be relevant to enable personalisation. We believe if you do not personalise you cannot be meaningful and as a result you are unable to create deep connections between the products and customers.

Our Main Focus Areas of Research


When leaders embark on the journey of building organisations we recommend one strategy – exponentiality. This strategy addresses the linearity of markets and highly complex environment leaders are expected to lead in.

Organisational Culture

Organisational Culture is the set of standards, norms, beliefs and practices that shape the way people work in organisation. Culture is lived and not expressed.


Our deeply held believe is that Africa must be the home and springboard for the 4th Industrial Revolution and many to come.

Management and Leadership

Leadership and Management can not be mutually exclusive. When we look at management we have specific objectives we want to achieve and there are clear controls and mechanism in place to ensure we achieve.

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