is the Founder and CEO of MyGrowthFund & IC Knowledge Bureau. He is a venture capitalist, a renowned global business speaker, the author of The Magna Carta of Exponentiality – a business mogul who has successfully built and transformed businesses in South Africa and abroad.

Vusi doesn’t just talk about business, he lives it. He does more than inspire a revolution, he initiates it. He has been a catalyst for change in businesses across the globe through expertise in strategy, leadership and organisational culture. Through his international speaking engagements, more than 21 countries and 350 000 audiences have experienced Vusi.

Vusi is a board member of the South African Venture Capitalist Association. In 2017, Thembekwayo was announced by SME South Africa as one of the eight entrepreneurs who had a stellar year.

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What can SA learn from Greece collapse?

I cannot understand how most people disengage when you start talking economics. Particularly macroeconomics - economics which has to do with studying the globe and the nature of the human condition in contemporary time can be interesting. The need to assess the globe and understand the other factors that affect the global economy, specifically politics, can be fascinating — mouthwatering even.

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Nakumatt… the ELEPHANT on its knees.

In 1976 Mangalal Shah filed for bankruptcy after a lengthy battle with his creditors. Son’s, Atul and Vimal, who owned Furmatt at the time, settled their father’s debts. Around the same time, Mangalal’s brother Hasmuhk Shah, was immigrating to the UK and sold Nakuru Mattress to his nephews, giving birth to Nakumatt.

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